Harrington, Coopernook, Lansdowne, Upper Lansdowne, Mitchells Island, Harrington Waters

Church of the Epiphany, <br />Lansdowne

Church of the Epiphany,

Cundle Road,
Lansdowne, NSW 2430


2nd Saturday of the month at 5.00 pm
4th Saturday of the month at 5.00 pm

St Luke’s, <br />Coopernook

St Luke’s,

6 West Street,
Coopernook, NSW 2426


3rd Saturday of the month at 5.00 pm

Harrington Waters Community Church

Harrington Waters Community Church

Harbour Boulevard,
Harrington Waters, NSW 2427


Each Sunday at 4.00 pm

St Barnabas, <br />Upper Lansdowne.

St Barnabas,
Upper Lansdowne.

1409 Upper Lansdowne Rd,
Upper Lansdowne, NSW 2430.


1st Sunday of the month at 10.30am.
3rd Sunday of the month at 10.30am.

St Peters <br />Harrington

St Peters

28 High Street,
Harrington, NSW 2427


Each Sunday at 8.00 am.
Each Wednesday at 9.30am.

St Marks, <br />Mitchell’s Island

St Marks,
Mitchell’s Island

St Marks Lane,
Mitchell’s Island NSW 2430


2nd Sunday of the month at 10.30 am
4th Sunday of the month at 10.30 am

Harrington Anglican Welcomes You.

Welcome to Harrington Anglican. We are part of the Diocese of Newcastle.

We worship God.  We strive to support people. both in our church and in our community. We rejoice in the love of God in Christ Jesus. We know it makes a difference in our lives. We pray it makes a difference in our community.

We warmly welcome all who join with us.

Harrington Anglican is a welcoming choice for  Baptism, Marriage, or Funerals. You will find openness, welcome and support. We have regular groups. These include  Bible Studies and an Op-Shop in Harrington. There are other activities, stalls and fundraisers.

We offer friendship, acceptance and caring to all.

Harrington Anglican Parish includes both sides of the north arm of the Manning. Our area includes the Lansdowne to Mt. Coxcomb.  Along the highway it includes Jones Island, Coopernook and Moorland.

St Peters Harrington is the parish church for Harrington Anglican.
St Luke's Coopernook is the former parish church.
We also worship in Lansdowne, Upper Lansdowne, Mitchell's Island and Harrington Waters.

The badges at the top of the page takes you to a page for each centre.

Harrington Anglican

WAR ROOM – Session 1

Session 1 


Based on the movie, WAR ROOM, we will explore the power prayer can have in many areas of our lives. Last Sunday we watched the entire movie.  This week is session 1 which is called "HONEST EVALUATION" - designed to reveal blind spots and inspire growth. 

Session 2 will not occur until October 1 - and is entitled "REAL ACCOUNTABILITY" - wounds from a trusted friend.  Perhaps you have someone in your life who is willing to walk through difficulty with you.  Maybe your life lacks that type of solid friendship.  To have a friend like that, you need to be one!



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In the Church started by a man who had six wives, forgiveness goes without saying.- 1986 Ad For The Episcopal Church

Priest in Charge.

Fr Stephen Niland.

Phone Rectory:
02 6556 1111.
0408 496 262.
Email: frsteve@bigpond.com.

Contact Info.

Mail: PO Box 11
Harrington NSW 2427.
Rectory: 73 Minamurra Drive
Harrington NSW 2427.
abn:  78 668 432 096.

Upcoming Events.


Harrington Op-Shop and Ministry Centre

Mail: PO Box 11
Harrington NSW 2427.
Street Address: 1 Hedges Street
 Harrington NSW 2427.
Telephone:  (02) 6556 1037