Harrington, Coopernook, Lansdowne, Upper Lansdowne, Mitchells Island, Harrington Waters

The Epiphany 
Lansdowne Anglican Church

Cundle Road
Lansdowne NSW 2430

(On the road from the crossroads leading back to Taree - about 750m from the crossroads)


2nd Saturday 5.00 pm
4th Saturday 5.00 pm

The Church of the Epiphany is a strong and vibrant faith community. There is ramp access available.


Lansdowne Church


This photo from the back of the Church of the Epiphany is taken not long after its construction in 1910

The Churtch of the Epiphany Lansdowne


Bishop EH Burgmann

Lansdowne Anglican

Born and raised at Koppin Yarratt on 'the Lansdowne' was Bishop Ernest Henry Burgmann. He was one of the first Australian Born Bishops, and was a leading light in 20th century Australian life. He was named on the floor of the House of Representatives as 'a most meddlesome priest' which probably gave him more delight than angst.

a most turbulent priest

He was an accomplished bushman, competent axeman,   and reasonable hand with a team of oxen. He was one time warden of St Johns College Morpeth, and then Bishop of Goulburn, then Canberra-Goulburn. In this role he commanded a strong and prophetic voice in turbulent times calling for the Government to do more for the unemployed, the weak, the vulnerable and the marginalised.

The Bishop & the Bolshies