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Baptism – The People of the Journey

The birth of a new child launches them on the journey of life. As Christians we believe that life is both physical and spiritual, and that Baptism launches us on our spiritual journey.

When you come to the Baptism service there is a really significant prayer over the water just prior to the Baptism itself. This prayer is about three journeys.

  1. The journey of Abraham from the land of Ur of the Chaldees to ‘the place which I will show you’, which ultimately led to the land of the Jordan.

  2. The journey of the Moses and the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt through the wilderness and to return to freedom in the land to which Abraham had been led.

  3. The journey of Jesus  through the deep waters of death into the life eternal

Baptism – the Sacrament of Welcome

Baptism is the one route by which we become Christians and join with countless thousands through the centuries who have journeyed into light.

Normally during the Baptism service the candidate will be presented with a candle lit from the Easter Candle with the words, ‘God has called you out of darkness into his glorious light. Shine as a light in the world to the Glory of God the Father’

Our parish welcomes all who would join us on the journey, and as qw seek to be faithful to the words of Jesus, we welcome children as well as adults to Baptism, which is the sacramental door of the Church.

Most usually Baptism takes place as part of our regular sunday worship. To make arrangement for a Baptism please contact our priest, contact detail are in the margin, or you may use the form below.




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