Harrington, Coopernook, Lansdowne, Upper Lansdowne, Mitchells Island, Harrington Waters

Firstly Welcome

Firstly we would like to welcome you as a newcomer to the site. This page has information about us, and links to the various part of the site where you can find for information


There are six centres of worship in the parish, 

You are welcome to join us in any of our centres. The Parish Priest lives in Harrington and the contact details are in the left margin of the websote


Anglicans are Christians. We believe Jesus Christ, born of Mary, carried the fullness of divinity and humanity and so he was the embodiment of his mission, the reconciliation of God and Humans.

His death on the cross as only the victim can forgive, and his resurrection opens for us a new life leading to the glory of God.


Since the 1970's the Church has been called the Anglican Church of Australia, prior to that it was known as The Church of England in Australia. The change in name reflected our autonomy and independence. We remain part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, whose Bishops are in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury

Anglican Faith

As Anglicans we believe the three ancient creeds, (Apostles, Nicene and Athanasius's) and the Old and New Testament of the Bible as the Record of the Revelation, and the two Dominical sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion).

Anglicans have classically held that we need to use, Scripture, Tradition and Reason to establish a credible position of faith. 

Anglicans have a reputation for doing all things decently and in order. 


What to Expect

We are a welcoming community of faith, though we can be a little shy sometimes. 

The most usual service you will experience will be the Eucharist (Holy Communion). We will use prayer books, and give page numbers to help you follow and join in. There will normally be four readings from the Bible (set out in a three year cycle of readings called the Lectionary so over time we read all of it, not just our favourite bits!) and a sermon. There will be some time set aside for prayer, a greeting of peace, the Great Thanksgiving and the breaking of the bread in accordance with the Lord's command. 

If you feel at all lost, just ask one of our regulars to sit with you and help you get used to it. There is a pattern and a rhythm to Anglican worship that we find enriching and has helped us all to grow.